Check Grades

Please take a few minutes to review your child's grades using the online ParentVue or StudentVue portal. You can also access grades through StudentVue using the following steps:

1.Open your internet browser and type in the address

2.Click on “I am a student”.

3.Enter your child’s username and password.  
The username is the last name, first initial, followed by the last two digits of the year they will graduate from high school, (ex.  For an 8th grade student it would be baileyn18). The password is the student’s six digit student identification number.  This is the same number students use to access the MealTime program in the cafeteria. This number can be found on grade reports that have been sent home.

4.Once you have logged-in, use the navigation buttons on the left side to view detailed information.   

Be sure that you are viewing the correct Trimester tab on the top of the page. To see current grade information, click on the Grade Book button. Clicking on individual courses listed under Course Title will allow you to view a list of the specific assignments that have been assessed to determine the overall grade. Students are evaluated in two areas for each class: academic content knowledge and life skills.